How to do it?

As we said before, our main goal is the insertion of businesses in GVCs.

Investment in communication infrastructure.
Trade facilitation, in order to streamline import/export processes.
Greater market access.
Improved quality of accreditation.
Fostering of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
Assistance for the improvement of the quality of national laws & regulations.
Improvement of public-private dialogue with national authorities.

The insertion mechanisms described above are important because they tackle the main problem facing businesses (and governments) seeking to deal with/operate in Asia-Pacific: lack of internationalisation. This problem has brought other undesirable consequences:

A state of generelised misinformation among businesses regarding the various countries in the region, their laws & regulations and how they affect their operations.
Governments that are more interested in promoting tourism and sell out their natural resources and raw materials (especially Latin America), rather than the attraction of capitals to compensate existing trade deficits with countries like China.
Lack of effective dissemination of treaties or trade and investment opportunities, which makes it harder for businesses to establish in other areas of Asia-Pacific.

Fostering internationalisation (especially that of businesses with the greatest potential for expansion into international markets) as a complement to regional integration efforts, is tantamount to betting on Asia-Pacific’s growth (particularly Latin America’s) and will lead to inclusive, sustainable and transformative economies, resilient to global onslaughts. A key to attaining such internationalisation is the optimisation of the assistance rendered to businesses and accelerate the application of the GVC insertion mechanisms mentioned above.

Our philosophy in three points

a) Always ask in advance the reason(s) for a particular business decision, before providing advice.

b) Learn from the processes, methods and philosophy of the businesses and organisations with whom we work.

c) Always look for synergies, for one never knows when what the businesses/organisations we work with offer could benefit our company or other clients (functional network).

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