Why help businesses?

The reason is simple: they are the ones –rather than governments- that stimulate the economy, thus creating better living conditions for the population. Businesses are the ecosystem in which industry flourishes, in a symbiotic relationship that stimulates investment and technological progress, the generation of better knowledge and skills and, most importantly, more and better employment opportunities. All these factors influence businesses’ productivity and competitiveness, allowing them to insert into national and international markets, thus contributing to social mobility.

Unfortunately, a great deal of businesses in Asia-Pacific are not only Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), but are established and operate in small economies, which makes it mandatory for them to go international: export or provide services abroad so as to expand their markets. However, such an expansion entails major investments that few businesses are able to make, given their limited access to financing. Moreover, regional businesses (particularly SMEs) lack the essential management and operational knowledge to compete internationally.

Faced with this reality, CHEVAYA has developed an integrated solution. We believe that inserting businesses in the correct link of GVCs leads to enhanced productivity, competitiveness and internationalisation of industries in general, while generating conditions for economic growth. Only after reaching higher and better standards of living as a consequence of economic growth can we talk about tackling more fundamental issues socially speaking, such as human rights protection.

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