CHEVAYA provides resource-gathering, advisory and capacity-building services to businesses and governments in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our main goal is the insertion of businesses in Global Value Chains (GVCs), whilst working with governments to improve the treaties, constitutions and national laws that make this possible. We believe this leads to an increase in productivity, competitiveness and internationalisation of all businesses, giving way to economic growth.

CHEVAYA is more than a typical business consulting/law firm: we are a business that assists other businesses (particularly, industries), as well as the governments that lay out the conditions for the former to perform.

Having been exposed to a business environment from a young age, we act under the premise that law should encourage, not inhibit, business. Therefore, armed with a novel approach integrating International Development Law and Business Law, we focus on how law affects end-users, rather than what the law is. We apply our expertise/competences to explore how law, when interacting with other disciplines, can be used to improve living conditions and how legal norms have to be drafted so as to attain this, going from better treaties to better contracts.

At the same time, we seek to gather together, on behalf of businesses, the resources they need to overcome their difficulties and expand. In the end, we strive to promote development and generate better living conditions for all members of society across Asia-Pacific.

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Asia-Pacific is the key region of the 21st century

The world’s two largest economies (the U.S. and China) are located in Asia-Pacific, as are the most important emerging economies: those of East Asia and Latin America. Further, businesses could benefit from the free trade guaranteed by the large network of trade agreements in force in the region, starting with the Transpacific Partnership Agreement or TPP. Finally, large, geographically-privileged markets, as well as the appearance of 2,000 new middle-class consumers in emerging economies allow any business with vision to insert themselves into any GVC, all from Asia-Pacific.

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